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Should we stay or get out of Afghanistan?

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Roundtable discussion recorded at the University of New Hampshire in Durham.  As James Fabiano noted, the students in the group were around 7 years old when the war in Afghanistan began and we're still in the same situation. The panel represents different aspects of this very complex issue and where it's headed.

The four panelists of the Afghanistan seminar were Lt. Col Brian Ruhm, Professor Alynna Lyon, Rachel Williams, and James Schmill.

  • Alynna J. Lyon, (Ph.D. University of South Carolina, 1999) taught at UNH for 7 years. Her research focuses on political violence, peacekeeping, and America Foreign Policy.
  • Lt. Col Brian C. Ruhm, Commander of the Air Force ROTC at UNH. was deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan from June to November 2005 as a member of the Office of Security and Cooperation to support Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Rachel Williams is a 3rd-generation peace activist who travels frequently to Pakistan where she spearheads an Adopt-A-School program. She works out of Boston with an NGO in Afghanistan, the United for Justice with Peace Afghanistan-Pakistan Task Force, which works with women and women’s rights. 
  • James Schmill is a veteran of the Afghanistan War and is opposed to the war.
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